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IPCPR Members can enjoy guaranteed savings as well as additional benefits through a partnership with US Merchant Services.

Benefits Include:

Credit Card Processing

By using our Interchange Pass  Through method of pricing, you are guaranteed to receive the best possible rates when accepting Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or Debit for payment.  Accept a customer's ATM card by using a pin pad in order to receive the best rate possible.


Accept credit card payments from your customers through your website in real time. US Merchant Services is one of the last companies in the US to process credit cards for the sale of cigar products in a Card Not Present or E-commerce environment.  We handle all legal requirements for compliance in handling Amex, Visa and MasterCard transactions.

POS Equipment

If you are in need of a replacement  or new terminal in order to process your transactions, US Merchant Services will loan to you, at no charge, a state of the art terminal and pin pad.  If your business requires more than a credit card terminal we also offer cloud-based POS.

Cash Advance

Do you need money to grow your business or increase your inventory?  US Merchant Services can advance you anywhere from $5,000 to $500,000 against your future credit card sales. We will then let you pay it back one transaction at a time.  We offer the lowest rate in the industry for all tobacco merchants.

Gift Cards

Let us produce a gift card with your name and logo on it to sell or give to your customers. We can give you the first 100 at no charge using our Now Program.

Check Acceptance

If you feel nervous about accepting a check, you can now take checks and be confident that you will get your money even if the check bounces. Ask about our Check Conversion with Guarantee.