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US Merchant Services is pleased to partner with NAPPS to provide NAPPS members with an outstanding credit card processing program.

The Tremendous Advantages with NAPPS Member Program from USMS provides:

  1. Easy transition if you are already processing
  2. 24/7 Customer Service/Support
  3. Guaranteed rates (unless Visa/MasterCard increase their rates)
  4. No statement fees
  5. No batch fees
  6. No monthly minimum
  7. Easy to read statements
  8. No hidden fees


  1. Mobile Pay with any smartphone or tablet
  2. Virtual  Terminal - Use your computer or laptop to process transactions
  3. Recurring  Payments Software - All your customers can pay a set rate every week without having to process the card more than once

Detailed Program for NAPPS Members

Processing Options: There are several ways to process credit card transactions from your clients.

  1. Land Line  Based Credit Card Terminal - This terminal can be kept at your office or home and be used to process all credit cards at your convenience. Because the card is usually not present at the time of processing, you will be required to manually enter the number.  Because you did not swipe the card, you will incur a slightly higher rate.
  2. Mobile Pay - This solutions will allow you to process transactions in a face to face manner enabling you to receive the lowest possible rate. You will also be able to give a receipt to the client on the spot.  Smartphone or Tablet required.
  3. Virtual  Terminal - This method is the most common for your type of industry. You can process a transaction at any time or place as long as you have access to a computer and the internet. This would be used in lieu of the land line  terminal. This service also allows you to maintain a database of information on the client so that you will only need to enter the information one time. The only change would be the dollar amount. US Merchant Services also can integrate with pet sitting software through Authorize.Net.
  4. Recurring  Payments - The Virtual Terminal also allows you to process credit cards on a recurring basis as long as it is the same amount. This allows you to charge  your clients over any time period you choose automatically.

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